About us

Stirling Civil Engineering Limited is a prominent construction company undertaking a wide range of civil engineering projects, with specialty in road works and related support structures. Founded by members with vast experience, in excess of forty (40) years, in the roads and civil engineering industry, Stirling’s core business has - since – been in roads and highway projects as well as related civil engineering works.

Stirling also operates a construction materials production and supply unit, which produces and supplies crushed stone aggregates in various sizes, bitumen emulsions, and hot-mix asphalt concrete. The production unit is comprised of fixed plants located in Mbalala, Mukono, Uganda as well as mobile plants that can be to mobilised to remote sites when need arises.

Stirling has had continuous presence in East African since 1948 and is strongly rooted in the local construction industry within the East African countries. This has enabled Stirling to foster the growth and career development of numerous young professionals in the industry, through the company’s skills transfer programme.

With its vast experience, accumulated over decades of activity, and its reputation for good quality work and service delivery, Stirling is placed among the leading companies in the construction industry in East Africa.


    The Company is leader for projects of transportation infrastructures

    The Company has completed important international projects by using its own know how professional experience and highly qualified personnel.

  • DAMS
    The company carried out projects for earthworks and concrete works on dams


  • MUKONO(Uganda)
  • Operating base on 6 hectares with the administrative department ,a completely equipped workshop,warehouse and residential structures for the staff,5.2 hectares stone quarry.

  • KAMPALA(Uganda)
  • Head Office

Our professional Team

Stirling has an excellent record in retaining staff. The Company has a philosophy of investing in its people rather than in the ownership of plant and equipment. This direction was established in the late 1994’s when the model was somewhat unconventional and innovative. Interestingly, many others in the industry have now adopted this philosophy. Our engineers are mentored by senior staff and given sufficient time and resources to develop their skills in a friendly and supportive environment. In this way, we build technical expertise and deliver engineering excellence.

Our Values

Establishment of Civil Group & first successful projects

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Partnering with national construction companies

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First governmental projects and engineering solutions awards

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To create, enhance and sustain the world’s natural, built and social environments. Committed to this undertaking, our company is driven by a clear set of Core Values, which defines who we are, what we do and how we do it that truly reflect the company’s philosophy

Our goal is to not be limited to completion on time and on budget but we are committed to outperform - to exceed our Clients' expectations consistently. We hope to build long-term value for our customers, shareholders and employees, and for society at large

The mission of Stirling Civil Enginnering Ltd. is to continue serving our clients and our community with an honest, reliable performance and a customer-first attitude. We are dedicated to the essential integrity of each job and to continue improving a full-service of quality construction since 55 years.

Road Construction Since 1994
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